Twin Ports Stage

Twin Ports Stage and the Downtown Project


If you’ve heard about Twin Ports Stage, and our quest to occupy the Dunbar building downtown, you may be wondering where we’re at…

Radio Show Performance - Twin Ports Stage

So here we go:

We are raising money, meeting with city and business leaders and generally trying to introduce ourselves to the community. While the Dunbar building will make a great home for Twin Ports Stage, it’s going to be a lot more than that. It will be an arts and event space for the whole community, complete with bar, cafe, art gallery, and space for lots of great events. In addition to hosting live theater, we’ll be able to have music, films, art openings, parties – you name it!

So yeah, the project is about the arts, but it’s also about bringing a marquee back to Tower Avenue and bringing people back to downtown. Theaters are leading the way in revitalizing downtown districts all across the country. At TPS, we think that can happen in Superior! If you want to support what we’re trying to do in downtown, you can make a donation through the ‘donate’ button on our Facebook page (, or you can go to our new page on the crowdfunding website ( and donate there.

If you’d like to keep up with everything we’re doing, go to our facebook page and “like” us! And don’t forget about our live radio soap opera “Twin Ports” which we perform with WI Public Radio at the Belknap Lounge!

At Twin Ports Stage, we’re very excited about the future of downtown Superior! We hope you are, too! Thank you for all your support.

Victoria Main, Director
Twin Ports Stage

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