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Why Develop In Superior?


Successful Duluth Entrepreneur Chooses Superior

This is our final post of a three part interview with Tim Nelson, new owner of the Cedar Lounge, developer of Earth Rider Brewery, and former partner at Fitger’s Brewhouse, Burrito Union, and Tycoon’s in Duluth. 

This first two segments of this series focuses on how Mr. Nelson remodeling the Cedar and developing his new brewery in the former Leamon Mercantile building. In this piece he sat down for a wide ranging interview in which he explains his philosophy about brewing, his family ties to Superior, and the reasons that led to him choosing to start his new businesses in Superior.

As you will see during this interview, Mr. Nelson’s family history to Superior goes a long way back and it is evident that he is expressing his desire to honor that history to some extent with these two new ventures. He also speaks of his love for Lake Superior, the waterfront, and why he decided to build a brewery in Superior near the lake and the waterfront.

This is the third of a three-part series about Cedar Lounge and Earth Rider Brewery. To see all three video interviews please scroll to the bottom of this post for links to the other stories.

Cedar Lounge & Earth Rider Video Series

What’s Happening at The Cedar Lounge? – August 14th
Earth Rider Brewery Construction – August 16th
Why Develop In Superior? – August 18th

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Tim Nelson Earth Rider Brewery | Explore Superior
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