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Kalee Hermanson, Mayoral Platform | Explore Superior

Hermanson Issues Mayoral Platform

Candidate Details Her Goals Explore Superior remains a neutral reporter of all candidates for public office, and will continue to present their platforms and stances on...

Five Mayoral Candidates Support BCS

Better City Superior Favored by All Candidates In anticipation of an upcoming Mayoral Candidates Forum to be sponsored by Explore Superior on Thursday, January 19th at...

Kalee Hermanson announces her candidacy for mayor of Superior | Explore Superior

Kalee Hermanson Announces Mayoral Candidacy

Second Run for Superior’s Top Spot By Doug Dalager Kalee Hermanson, past candidate for Mayor of Superior, and South Superior activist has announced her intent to...

Brent Fennessey Joins Race for Mayor of Superior | Explore Superior

Brent Fennesey Announces Candidacy for Mayor

City Councilor Plans Run to Replace Hagen By Doug Dalager In an announcement this evening at Epic Restaurant & Lounge, Superior native and 5th District City...

The Tale of Two Tickets: Comparative bills from Erbert & Gerberts | Explore Superior Better City Superior

A Tale of Two Tickets

Erbert & Gerbert’s: Sales Tax Comparison

Who would you rather vote for in the Presidential Election? Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or a Worn-Out Tennis Shoe

Who Will You Vote For?

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Warren Bender in Guatemala on Rotary Mission

Hard Work, Wherever, Whenever

Partisan Politics Get Personal By Warren Bender In an effort to bolster her campaign, a candidate for a partisan elected office recently besmirched the good name of all...

Blank vs. Fruehauf for DA

This post was originally published on this siteIt’s been a quarter of a century since Douglas County has had a contested district attorney election. And, as with the...

Garfield & Schmidt

City Councilor Defends Girl Friend’s Honor

Accuses Bureacrats of Hypocrisy Submitted Press Release by Graham Garfield I was disappointed to see Kara Schmidt, a candidate for Register of Deeds of Douglas County,...

Do Superiorites Really Support Trump?

ES Poll Shows Strong Trump Support By Doug Dalager We’ve been running a poll for the past few weeks, pitting Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, and Donald...