Enigmatic Lake Monster?

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The Mysterious and Ferocious Serpent Monster of Lake Superior

Duluth politicians can keep bragging about keeping Lake Superior free of sharks, but what about the “enigmatic lake monster”?

What about the “giant and ferocious serpent”? The “underwater panther”? The “lizard like fish around 10 feet long” with “a head like a turtle”? The “hideous” thing “cruising through the water with a 15-foot long neck and a huge jaw”? The “immense humped creature” with “huge horse shaped head and large dark left eye” with a nose bearing “a visible catfish type whisker, maybe two feet in length and wiggling”? The “gigantic serpent with 3 to 5 humps” rising out of the water?

Well, for those into myths, legends and stories short on attribution but with the words “supposedly” and “apparently” repeated throughout, there’s a new article that has it all.

Mysterious Universe, the blog that covers “the strange, extraordinary, weird, and wonderful and everything in between,” has released the tale of “The Mysterious Monster of Lake Superior.” It’s a great way to learn all about the “well-known” and “famous” sightings.

As Duluth artist Eric Dunicka notes, while tipping Perfect Duluth Day off about the article:

“This could spark an economic boon…

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