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Why Does the SHS Circle Need Replacement?


Maintenance of SHS Circle No Longer Feasible

By Janna Stevens

There have been many maintenance procedures completed at Superior High School to extend its use.  The current issues driving replacement of the SHS Circle are far greater than failing masonry systems. If the issue were purely maintenance the existing structure would be maintained like other portions of the building.

Under this plan, there are large portions of the existing school that are being kept and will be upgraded to meet current code, safety and security needs.  They will also receive replacement mechanical and electrical systems that resolve end of life system issues as well as energy efficiency to save tax payer dollars.

Plan of Proposed Changes to SHS Circle | Explore Superior©

Plan of Proposed Changes to SHS Circle

The needs driving replacement of the circle are not limited to any one issue.   Some of the issues being resolved are as follows:

  • Safety and security issues regarding control and sightlines, difficulty in dealing with issues when they arise
  • Exterior envelope issues including brick, lack of handicap accessibility, water entering the tunnels and a roof that has a few years of service left
  • There is no insulation in the exterior walls, no air barrier, no moisture barrier of any type
  • The educational needs and methods have changed, technology and configuration of space for optimum learning
  • The ventilation system is at end of life expectancy and is above inaccessible ceilings (fails to meet current ventilation requirements.
  • The heating system is original and has high annual maintenance costs to keep it functioning and low comfort level
  • The electrical system does not have enough locations or capacity for technology needs
  • The lighting is below recommended levels and is a high consumption of energy

It is the culmination of all of the items above that are driving the issue for needing new classroom space and improvements to preserve and extend the use of the remaining portions of Superior High School.

For additional information about the school district referendum, visit our webpage at

The next public presentation regarding the proposed referendum will take place on Wednesday, January 6th at Northern Lights Elementary School. For more info about that follow this Facebook LINK or see the event with directions HERE.

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