Mayoral Forum Thursday


Explore Superior to Host Mayoral Forum

In an effort to assist Superior residents in getting to know the four candidates for mayor of our fair city, Explore Superior will host a forum on Thursday, January 19th. It will begin at 6:00 p.m. and run until approximately 8 p.m.

The forum will be held at the Superior Public Library at 1530 Tower Avenue. 

Explore Superior editor Doug Dalager will facilitate the event. He will ask the candidates a number of submitted questions about various topics. During the second half of the event, candidates will be asked questions submitted by audience members. 

The candidates (in alphabetical order) Brent Fennessy, Kalee Hermanson, Mike Herrick, and Jim Paine, will be given three minutes to introduce themselves at the outset, and our questions will begin thereafter.

Volunteers Needed

ES is seeking the help of three to five volunteers. We need one person to operate a video camera, and another to monitor sound levels. Special skills are not necessary to help with this. Community TV will broadcast this event on cable access, but we need to do the taping.

Another volunteer is needed to monitor the Facebook Live camera to insure that the feed remains live throughout the event.

Finally, one or two other volunteers would be helpful in collecting question cards from audience members during the event.

Volunteers need to be available from 5:30 pm this Thursday until the event is over (perhaps as late as 9 p.m. should the audience questions go long.)

If you would like to assist, please contact us at Include your name and phone number; we will contact everyone who volunteers to advise them if their services are needed.

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