Aldi Opens in Superior


By Felicity Bosk

Aldi opened it’s first location in Superior today across the street from the Bong Airport. Aldi is a German based grocery store chain, with about 1,400 stores in the U.S.

At today’s grand opening, shoppers had the chance to win free groceries for a year. They also received a free reusable bag at the door, as Aldi does not give plastic or paper bags at check out, as well as free samples of chocolate, cheese, and muffins around the store. Mix 108 was on the scene giving out Taylor Swift merchandise like t-shirts and posters.

“A business from outside, in this case cities, looked at our community and thought they could invest in it, that we’re progressive in our economic development,” said David W. Minor, president of the Superior Chamber of Commerce.  “It’s good for community, simply put. It gives people more options. It’s a big thing for outside companies to invest in our community. Other outside firms will see our positive development in the economic world.”

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