Hearse on Hammond Ave, for Sale



By Felicity Bosk

Sitting beyond the Superior Community Garden has been a black 2000 Cadillac Hearse with the licences plate “666 XMC” for sale. It has caught the attention of the many who drive past it to get on the bridge, and if you’re interested, you’re in luck; the price was just reduced to $7900.

The vehicles owner, who preferred not to be named in this article, bought it in New Jersey this May and drove it back to Superior where he planned to fix it up into a small limousine.
“There’s no window cranks, or door handles in the back seat. It looked more expensive to convert to a limo than I thought so I decided against it, just put it up for sale.”

2000 Cadilac Hearse -https://duluth.craigslist.org/cto/5081005681.html

2000 Cadilac Hearse -https://duluth.craigslist.org/cto/5081005681.html

The license plate is perhaps what really sets this hearse apart, but it was not the owners idea. “I went to transfer the plates in WI, the women at the DMV took out a box of plates and we went through each of them, and then she comes out with 666. It wasn’t personalized, it’s just what she gave me, which was so cool.”

A craigslist ad has been up for it since June 18. It is a clean automatic with 44,000 miles on it. So far, the owner has had a few calls but no serious offers.

“It’s just what she gave me, which was so cool.”


“I haven it on craigslist, most of them are dabblers who would like to own a hearse but don’t have the funds or means. A lot of people think it’d be so cool to own a hearse. I had the means to do it. A lot of funny jokes have come of it. When I drove it home my neighbor was like “what the hell!?” It makes people smile, or grin, or raise their eyebrows, and I love doing that to people.”

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