photo credit Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

New License Plates Raise Money and Awareness


DNR and DMV working together to Protect Wisconsin’s Biodiversity

Be Felicity Bosk


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Motor Vehicles are raising money and awareness for endangered animal conservation with a new license plate. The plate features a bald eagle with “Endangered Resources” written at the bottom. If you decide to obtain this plate, you will also be agreeing to donate $25 to the Endangered Resources Fund every year.

“This license plate honors an incredible conservation success story – the dramatic comeback of eagles in Wisconsin and the people who helped bring them back,” said Gov. Scott Walker in a release. “Sales of this plate will lay the foundation for more conservation successes.”

The DMV will be filling orders starting Sept. 1. This is the newest of three designs of license plates to raise money for conservation efforts.

The Endangered Resource Fund pays for the DNR’s Natural Heritage Conservation, a group that works to protect plants and animal species, and Wisconsin’s biodiversity.

photo credit Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

A sample image of the new plate design /photo credit Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

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