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UW-Extension community and economic development educator James Anderson will be offering two workshops in August on expending broadband utilization for businesses.  “Earlier this summer, we co-hosted a workshop on social media use, and several of the participants were telling us that they were also wanting more of a ‘how-to’ training,” Anderson indicated as the reason for these workshops.  Both of these workshops are sponsored by the Superior Business Improvement District, who graciously sponsored the classroom rentals, allowing us to offer these sessions at no cost to participants.

Using Social Media for Businesses and Organizations – Register Here


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Learn the 8 basic steps to getting your business online with social media:

  1. Learn the difference between a Facebook Fan Page and a (person) page, and why you should use a fan page.
  2. How to set-up a fan page.
  3. Use Canva to size and design your banner image, profile image, and post images for your Facebook fan page.
  4. How to set-up a Twitter account.
  5. Use Canva to size and design your banner image, profile image, and post images for your Twitter account.
  6. Learn how to cross post to multiple social media platforms.
  7. Learn the basics of promoting (paying for impressions) for Facebook posts.
  8. Learn what mobile tools you need to manage your Facebook fan page and Twitter account with your phone or tablet.

This hands-on workshop is designed for people that want to get their business or organization online and using social media to engage customers and clients, and promote your business. This session will focus on the basics of account creation, using Facebook and Twitter specifically, using tools for graphics design to build your account and pages, and using complimentary tools. This session will not focus on content creation, although we may talk some about it.

Websites for Businesses and Organizations – Register Here

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Creating a website for your business or organization shouldn’t be expensive or difficult. This hands-on workshop will walk you through the process of creating a website in seven (7) easy steps!

  1. Identify your brand strategy and how does they translate to online?
  2. Website design. Using built in Wix customizable templates that align with your branding.
  3. Making your website usable and friendly for visitors.
  4. Search engine optimization basics.
  5. Giving your website a little lagniappe (something a little extra or special)
  6. Making your site mobile friendly, and why this is important?! (Tip: Google might ignore you).
  7. How to keep your visitors engaged, while on the site, and between visits.

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